1.Circuit theft proof series products
JDT circuit theft proof series Is the company's patent products, is for overhead communication cable (optical cable) often stolen and the development of different models of theft proof case on Its way through the cable, steel strand and splints, have conducted all-round hoop Anti-theft protection and alarm system with the cable thieves arrested won the time,The current trend of cable theft deterrent.
2.Safety series products of circuit
Safety series products of circuit is the company's patent product development, from the communications room, line, to end-users of telecommunications services throughout the process of providing insulation, flame retardant, warning function, such as high-quality products.
3.Fibre glass high voltage resistance and full insulated ascending ladder
The jiaxing zhonglian communications facilities Co.,ltd. and fuzhou lai deer Power Equipment Co., Ltd. work together, in accordance with market needs and focus on research, joint development of Fibre glass high voltage resistance and full insulated ascending ladder Products. It is corrosion resistance, insulation, flame retardant, high strength, nonconducting, nondiscolouring, low water absorption, good stability, lighter than similar epoxy insulation staircase. The use of a ladder function, handsome in appearance, convenient bringing, and other advantages. By electric power, telecommunications, radio and television system widely recommended by the praise.
4.fiber series
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