JDT-8 insulated bridge (Patent product)

Products using special aluminum alloy profiles, Outsourcing insulation, flame retardant plastic layer. With light-weight, high strength (2000 N / m), insulation (Pressure 10 kv), static-free, flame retardant, easy to install (combined installed), tiered deployment, for "third line" separation to ensure that the communications room, the hut of fire and life safety.
The product has been China Telecom and China Netcom's extensive use of the equipment room. Because of their rational design, fire-proof insulation,durable, environmental aesthetics won the users so that the praise. This is also the "Telecommunications Technology" magazine (06 No. 4) and "China's new communications" magazine (06 No. 7) in a press report of Changzhi City in Shanxi Netcom Communication Group Corporation of Shanxi Province and the equipment room at the safety training of Xian Changhui Jiaxing City in the company's insulation bridge the evaluation.
Other: products also apply to the authorities, industrial and mining enterprises, hospitals, schools, construction of the cable security requirements relatively high places,if not allowed off the units or departments.
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